FPAC 2017: Come for the festival, stay for the Instagram-worthy food

FPAC 2017: Come for the festival, stay for the Instagram-worthy food

LOS ANGELES – The Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture (FPAC) is back. The annual arts and culture festival will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, at the Echo Park Lake in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

The popular festival is the largest and longest-running Filipino cultural celebration in Los Angeles. Festivalgoers will see the best of traditional and contemporary Filipino food, music, performances, arts, and crafts.

With all the artists and performers coming together at the festival, FPAC is truly a Instagram-worthy gathering. All the vibrant art and exciting performances make for excellent content for social media.

And the food is no exception. FPAC organizers made sure that the flavorful fare offered at the festival grounds is also perfect for your Instagram feed. Vendors like Benaddictz, Crepe Life, Drizzle Dessert Truck, and Ensaymada Project have all been confirmed to participate at FPAC in October.

“We are really excited to showcase the creative side of these Fil-Am culinary entrepreneurs,” Fil-Am Arts interim executive director Tina Salonga-Bulchand said. She added that these vendors have grown a cult following on social media because of the extraordinary presentation of their food.

“With the way they create these beautiful foods, they are as much of artists as they are entrepreneurs,” Bulchand pointed out.


Justin Foronda, founder of brunch favorite Benaddictz, said in an interview that he looks forward to being at FPAC this year because of his history with the festival itself. He grew up going to FPAC. His brother is a founding member of Asian American improvisational troupe, Room to Improv.

“FPAC engagement is important because it brings so many years of a cultural following. In my generation, it’s the original Filipino Festival in Los Angeles,” Foronda said. As an Echo Park resident, Foronda also wants to serve and represent his neighborhood with a purpose.

Benaddictz – a wordplay on “eggs benedict” and “addict” – is known for its uniquely Pinoy take on brunch. Its Chicken Adobo Eggs Benedict recipe is one of the most sought-after items at its brunch pop-ups all over town.. Foronda said that he uses brunch as a vehicle to introduce ethinc flavors.

“Benaddictz aims to celebrate similarities in cultural diversity,” Foronda said. At FPAC this year, Benaddictz will be serving Sarap’y Joe (a Filipino Spaghetti-style Chilli served on Garlic Buttered Pan de Sal) and Elote Waffles (corn-infused batter with lime crema and salsa powder).

Crepe Life

Chance Chavez, founder of Crepe Life, is also looking forward to FPAC because of his ties to the community. He has been involved with FilAm Arts and another Filipino nonprofit – Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) – since he was in elementary school.

“It’s about giving back to the community and spreading the Filipino entrepreneurship,” Chavez said. Crepe Life aims to change the dessert game by injecting a bit of Asian culture into a decidedly European dessert.

Good examples of that are the Ube and Thai tea crepes, which will be served at FPAC. Festival goers can also enjoy Crepe Life’s refreshments – Mangodanadas and Horchata Caramel Smoothies.

Drizzle Dessert Truck

Jenny Diaz, founder of Drizzle Inc., said that her “eureka” moment started with an intense craving. “Where can we get funnel cake right now?” Diaz recalls. And thus, Drizzle Dessert Truck was born. She said that with the truck’s handcrafted funnel cake and homemade ice cream, she wants to put a new twist to an old classic.

Drizzle is definitely a brand new taste for FPAC foodies, as the company is only two months old. But that doesn’t seem to deter Diaz and her multicultural team. Through FPAC, they hope to gain the loyalty of Fil-Am customers in Los Angeles.

On festival day, keep an eye out for Drizzle’s homemade Ube Ice Cream served with their signature funnel cake. They do run out fast.

Ensaymada Project

Chari Heredia- Reyes, founder of the Ensaymada Project, said that she is honored to take part in FPAC this year.

“It is an ideal venue to promote Ensaymada Project’s passion to bring the authentic Filipino ensaymada to the world,” Reyes said. She said that she wants to showcase the ensaymada’s versatility and foster its evolution through a range of variants of this brioche bread.

Ensaymada is a brioche bread pastry that traces its origins to Mallorca, Spain, and was brought to the Philippines during the Spanish Colonial Period. The Filipino version of the recipe is richer than the Mallorca original, as it uses butter (instead of lard in the original Spanish recipe) and is topped with grated cheese and sugar. One loyal customer describes Ensaymada Project as “what a Filipino ensaymada truly should be.”

Come FPAC day, festival goers can look forward to ensaymadas in the following flavors: queso de bola, ube, mango, Ensaymatcha™ chocolate, dulce de leche and classic cheese.

FPAC is a free event. No admission fee is needed for entry.  It will be held on Sunday, October 14, 2017, at Echo Park Lake in Echo Park, Los Angeles. For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/FPAC2017 or call (213) 380-3722.  For sponsorship and vendor opportunities, please email info@filamarts.org.

Catch FilAm Arts on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FilAmArtsLA/), Instagram (@filamartsla), and Twitter (@FilAmArts).

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Drizzle Benaddictz

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