Filipinos to honor the Virgen de los Remedios in Los Angeles

Filipinos to honor the Virgen de los Remedios in Los Angeles

Thousands will gather at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on Sunday, September 17, for the annual coronation of Virgen de los Remedios, a tradition introduced by Kapampangans in Los Angeles a decade ago.

IN 1956, Pope Pius XII bestowed the canonical crown to the revered image in recognition of Kapampangans’ devotion to Mary. There have been numerous miracles and answered prayers which are attributed to the intercession of Virgen de los Remedios.  Marriages are strengthened, families reunited, sick get healed and disputes are settled. The people of Pampanga held their faith during the 1991 devastation of Mt. Pinatubo eruption. They turn to the Mother of God, in times of ideological threats, natural calamities, political destabilization or personal difficulties.

The afternoon festivities will commence with a procession participated by both Latino and Filipino devotees.

Filipinos widespread devotion to the Blessed Mother goes back to the Spanish times during the galleon trades between Mexico and the Philippines.  In 1571, the Augustinian missionaries brought the oldest Marian image of Nuestra Senora de Guia.  Pope Gregory XIII and Pope Clement VIII decreed in 1578, the erection of the Manila Cathedral under the tutelage of the Immaculate Conception.  The image of Nuestra Senora del Rosario was brought by the Dominicans in 1587. She has become a national treasure and symbol of peace after Spanish forces won the Dutch invasion in 1646. One of the first churches built in 1588 was under the title of Nuestra Senora de los Remedios located in the Malate district.

With a growing communist movement in 1952, Bishop Cesar Maria Guerrero, borne in Malate and first bishop of Pampanga, entrusted Pampanga under the patronage of the Blessed Mother.  He sent out the image of Virgen de los Remedios to visit every village, town and city so that people could gather in prayer and learn from Mary the right way to live, to find God and to live in harmony.

With the universality of the devotion to Virgen de los Remedios – from South of France, to the region of Andalucia, on the southern coast of Spain, the pyramids of Cholula Mexico, the villages of Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Argentina, Sri Lanka and India, devotees to Mary, who continues to provide for their necessities and brings them together in Christ. A crown is presented to our Lady, a symbol of her dominion over us, because we know we will always be in good hands – in the hands of a mother.

Lubaoenos of Southern California are hosting this year’s celebration, which coincides with the 445th anniversary of the coming of the Catholic faith in their hometown. Everyone is invited to come in national costumes and organizations to bring their banners in procession.

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