Dante Basco film to be shown at Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival

Dante Basco film to be shown at Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival

Carson, Calif. — Abe Pagtama, chairman of the coordinating committee of the Los Angeles Philippine International Film Festival (LAPIFF), announced that the comedy film “The Head Thieves,” starring Dante Basco will be shown at the festival on Oct 7-9, 2016.

Also in the film are Dion Basco,  Mickey Gooch Jr. and Daniel Baldwin. The movie director is Mike Hermosa who wrote the Muggsy Bogues biopic and acted as script consultant on New Line’s remake of the of the 1980s classic “Private Benjamin.” “The Head Thieves” is about three brothers who develop an elaborate plan to recover stolen money and go on the run. It is produced by Skit Bags Entertainment and Malibu Films.

Additional features in the October showing of LAPIFF are “Tandem, Ari: My Life With A King,” “Return/Balik” and “Dukot.”

Two documentaries have been confirmed: “We Call Her Yolanda” and “Coral Gardening.” There will also be a spotlight screening of the horror film “Vampariah.”

Mel Chionglo, director of the film “Iadya Mo Kami (Deliver Us),” which will also be in the film festival, said, “a crisis that has plagued the Church in the Philippines is the number of its clergy emotionally involved with women and whose unions have produced offsprings. Since this problem seems to have no immediate solution, I decided to situate it in a world of even more complex problems of corruption and abuse. The priest-protagonist finds himself on a journey of self-examination which hopefully, will lead him to enlightenment.”

“Deliver Us” is about Father Greg, a diocesan priest who is reassigned to a parish up in the mountains. His relationship with a young woman named Carla, has produced a child. He meets the parish priest, Father Alejo, an old friend who is addicted to drinking. During a healing mass, Father Greg is introduced to the town’s powerful couple, Julian and Millett who strike a friendship with the new priest. One night, Father Greg discovers the lifeless body of Julian on the church premises. He embarks on a mission to help solve the crime, a mission which leads him to the discovery of his own personal salvation. The film stars Allen Dizon, Eddie Garcia and Aiko Melendez.

Carlo Mendoza, cinematographer and producer of the film “Ari: My Life With A King” said that it is nice to know that the film is in competition at the LAPIFF. Mendoza is studying at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

For  more information on the LAPIFF, check out the website www.lapiff.org or email losangelespiff@gmail.com. (Fe Koons) 

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