Businessman asks Erich Gonzales on a ‘coffee date’ via billboard

Businessman asks Erich Gonzales on a ‘coffee date’ via billboard

A recent billboard in Morayta drew the attention of many and became this week’s ‘talk of the town’ when businessman Christian “Xian” Gaza, supposedly the CEO and president of a certain Guanxigian group, asked actress Erich Gonzales for a “coffee date.” last Monday, June 3.

“I can’t even espresso how much I like you a latte. Will you… drink coffee with me? Erika Chryselle ‘ERICH GONZALES’ #CoffeeWithErich #PleaseSayYesErich,” the sign said.

Gaza posted a photo on Instagram with him looking at the said billboard wherein the caption said, “They say it’s first time in Philippine history. I say: That’s how special you are to me @erichgg, will you drink coffee with me?”

Since its appearance on Instagram, the post garnered more than 7,000 likes and has been shared multiple times on different social media platforms.

The actress, who is currently out of the country, told ABS-CBN writer and host Darla Sauler her response to Gaza’s proposal via text message.

“Hi Darls!!! How are you? Hahaha!!! Ang cute ng effort ni Kuya. It’s fine. Let’s see when I get back. There’s nothing wrong naman if we talk over coffee, pero dapat kasama ka. Hahaha!!! See you soon Darls!”

Gaza draws flak online

Although some saw Gaza’s effort as sweet, there also those who criticized him.  Many of those criticisms came from people he allegedly scammed with his false promises, celebrity-user-friendly tendencies and pseudo-projects.

Dewanie Catapang, a social media personality from Davao exposed Gaza’s scheme through a series of tweets with relevance to her personal experience with the businessman.

“Marami pa nabubulag sa mga paandar mo ha, (A lot of people are blinded by your schemes) pero ako I know you and what you’re up to so please lang don’t me. Kakadiri ka! (You disgust me)” Catapang said.

Ryan Salcedo Tanada, a Doha-based realtor, also revealed his transactions with Gaza in a Facebook post showing screenshots of their conversations.

“It’s not wrong to dream big and to want the best things in life as long as you’ll work for it in an honest way and wala kang nilolokong tao (you are not fooling anyone). Man, just stop this shit once and for all as more victims of yours are coming out.” Tanada said in his post.

In a report by, Jesica Cruz, mother of dance icon and actress Ella Cruz, stepped forward to share their experience when Gaza bought a Fortuner from her husband, who runs a buy-and-sell business for cars.

Gaza had reportedly given them postdated checks, but repeatedly asked to hold the checks because he’d be paying in cash instead.

“After New Year, nag-ask ulit kami kung may fund na yung check. Ginagawan daw niya ng paraan kasi he’s having financial problems, at andoon nga daw siya sa dad niya para umutang (After New Year, we asked if the check had funds. He said he was figuring it out because he was having financial problems and he was at his dad’s to borrow money),” Cruz said.

Gaza returned the Fortuner the next day.

Gaza addresses his critics

In a report by Rappler, Gaza defended himself on Catapang’s claim of a false project, he stood by his statement that the project was legitimate.

“It didn’t pushed through because the funding that was promised to me ay hindi po dumating at napako (didn’t come),” Gaza explained.

He said that he funneled P300,000 from his own funds towards the project, losing the amount when the project didn’t materialize. The 2,000 t-shirts that were produced for the charity were not sold, and instead distributed to different charities.

“Wala akong kinita maski ni isang kusing (I did not earn a single cent) and even lost P300,000 on that project, plus the burden of paying P10,000 every month until now to the company I partnered with, to produced [sic] the 2000 Haiyan Shirts in Davao City,” he wrote.

Regarding Tanada’s allegation, Gaza said that he received a P200,000 down payment from the former in November 2016, an amount which was then diverted to the operating expense backlogs of Gazera Media.

“I was financially bleeding to Gazera Media/Filipino Vines for 8 months with no returns at all… I stopped shelling funds to the company to stop my bleeding dahil wala na ‘kong nakikitang kalalabasan na maganda (because I no longer saw a good outcome) on the aspect of profit generation,” he said, adding that he declared bankruptcy to De Vera in December 2016.

On the other hand, Gaza confirmed the transaction with Cruz’s husband, saying that they agreed on a price of P650,000, to be paid in two installments. Gaza claimed that he pressured himself to take the deal to impress the Cruz family, despite not having an immediate need for the vehicle.

He said that he decided to back out of the deal when he learned that the unit was valued at a lower price than he agreed to pay.

Amid all the flak he received, he stood by his initial interest of getting that coffee date.

“Ang tanging hangad ko lang po ay kape with Erich with no hidden personal agenda at all (all I want is coffee with Erich)… I just wanna show her how much I like her and using this billboard effort to possibly create an initial friendship with her over coffee,” he said.

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