Are Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola ready to tie the knot?

Are Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola ready to tie the knot?

TV host and actor Luis Manzano was recently named among People Asia’s “Men Who Matter.” Actress Jessy Mendiola was with him to support his achievement as she was all smiles during the event.

Manzano said that he was overwhelmed and honored to be listed among his fellow awardees.

“I guess I am doing something okay the past year to be recognized by People Asia. Thank you very much for this. This is a very special award, especially that we found out [that] my dad and I are the first father and son who received this award. Dad para sa iyo din ito. (Dad, this is also for you),” he said.

In the meantime, when asked about marriage plans, both have been open that they are already talking about it.

“We actually talk about it every day,” Mendiola told ABS-CBN News.

According to the pair, there’s already forethought and they treat it with weight and seriousness.

“Of course naman. Aminin naman natin lahat kapag may partner tayo, palagi nating pinaguusapan iyan. (Let’s be honest, when we have a partner, we always talk about that [marriage]. You always hope for the best),” she added.

“Ako kasi, I always ask him. Palagi akong nagtatanong kung, ‘Ano sa tingin mo? Ano kayang mas okay? Tama ba ito? Mali ba ito?’ Ganoon ako lagi sa kanya and ganoon din siya sa akin. (As for myself, I always ask him. I’m always asking if ‘what do you think? what’s more okay? Is this right? Is this wrong?’),” Mendiola explained.

“Kasi I think ganun talaga kapag partners. Hindi puwedeng walang say iyong partner mo kasi you are in this together. So whether it be his life or your life, dapat mayroon kang part doon. (I think it is really like that since you’re partners. It cannot be that he has nothing to say on this at all because you are in this together),” she said in an article wrote by Tempo.

The couple recently celebrated their first anniversary last July 23.

Despite the talks, there is still no specific date on when they are going to ring the wedding bells.

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