Anthony Diaz V on making films that people will remember

Anthony Diaz V on making films that people will remember

IN today’s era of superhero movies, Filipino-American director Anthony Diaz refuses to follow the trend and offers a compelling movie centered on religion.

Despite his failure to clinch an award at last year’s Sundance Film Festival with his movie “Break,”  Diaz sets aside his usual role as director to play the lead character for his upcoming movie, “Way Of The Cross.”

“Way Of The Cross” is a psychological thriller set in a small religious town in the Philippines. It follows the life of Rogelio ‘Rogue’ Marquez (TBoy), a Las Vegas-based Fil-Am FBI agent, who stumbled upon a string of murderous events in the town of San Antonio during the Holy Week festivities.

The movie, which will hit local and international theaters in August, was directed by Diaz’s father Antonio Diaz and Gorio Vicuna, former animator at Marvel Studios and director of “When Nature Calls.”

“This was actually the first film in which I was directed by others, however I did assist in the directing of this film when needed,” the multi-faceted Diaz told the Asian Journal.

Aside from bringing life to the main character, Diaz also co-wrote the screenplay and co-produced the film.

“This gave me a unique chance to develop interesting characters that I feel will resonate with the audience,” Diaz stated.

Ultimately after the audience watch the film, Diaz wants them to leave puzzled as they ask and debate, “What would they do if they were in those situations themselves?”

“Our goal was to make a timely film that will be remembered,” Diaz said.

The screenplay had been rewritten a couple of times in order to make the characters relatable to a wider scope of audience.

“We wanted the characters to be relatable to many different personality types with all the character flaws that we all share as human beings,” he added.

Despite its central theme focused on religion, Diaz claimed that the movie is unique in many ways because the story crossed all borders and is not bound by a certain culture or country.

“I hope the audience is speechless on the drive home. There are lots of twists and turns in the movie that gradually build to a crescendo that is quite memorable,” Diaz said.

Although Diaz confirmed that the portrayal of religion will be controversial, he assured that the film did not intend to demote other people’s faiths.

“The controversy of the film is in no way attacking the Catholic religion at all. It lies on how the characters react to strange situations that are occurring in their town that is very religious,” he added.

“Way Of The Cross” also stars Alvin Anson, Rafael Rosell, Daiana Menezes, Roxanne Barcelo, Giovanni Respall, Miguel Vasquez, Oz Rivera, Yussef Esteves, Danielle Chopin and Jordan Castillo.

The audience can expect more from Diaz as he also has five scripts on queue for productions. His next film project is a one hour short film based on the story of a retired gangster in Japan.

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