Angelica Panganiban exchanges messages with Zachary Levi

Angelica Panganiban exchanges messages with Zachary Levi

ANGELICA Panganiban took to Instagram her happiness over her recent social media interaction with Hollywood star Zachary Levi

On Monday, Aug. 28, Angelica posted a screenshot of her conversation with the 36-year-old American actor who described his Filipino fans as “unbelievably loving and kind.”

On her screenshot, Angelica told Zachary “would love to meet you (heart emoji),” in which the actor responded “I’m about to fly home! But next time [I’m] in PHL we’ll try and make it happen.”

“The people who are close to me, knows that I am a fan of Chuck Bartowski. When I celebrated my 25th Bday, (it was a costume party) some of them were wearing Chucks Buy More costume the show ended 5 years ago and i moved on (that’s what I thought)” Angelica’s caption read.

“He posted a video on instagram that he’s in PH… The fangirl in me, came back to life [in love emoji] So I messaged him. And he actually replied. Being very approachable to his fans.”

Zachary was the star of the now defunct TV series “Chuck” and the voice behind Flynn Ryder’s character in “Tangled.” The Hollywood actor visited the Philippines recently as part of’s recent medical mission in the country.

The actor also shared on Instagram photos of his experience eating balut, a Pinoy delicacy made of boiled fertilized duck egg.

Angelica also shared that she was once a volunteer for and joked about wanting to come back as knowing that Zachary is also a volunteer for the organization.

The Hollywood actor has a couple of projects in line to premier this year which includes a Netflix miniseries adaptation of of Margaret Atwood’s novel “Alias Grace, “and an NBC sci-fi action series entitled “Unidentified”.

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