FLYNNGATE: What the Trump administration needs to explain to the American people

DONALD TRUMP has bigger problems to worry about than his historic 40 percent approval/55 percent disapproval ratings in the most recent Gallup Poll.

His less than a month-old presidency has already been saddled with lawsuits one after another, and then this: the issue about the “resignation” of his senior National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

NO, Mr. President, Flynn’s scandal is NOT less important than who leaked it. Journalists surely will not “move on” despite the resignation of Flynn. This Flynn scandal, has in fact, just opened a can of worms, and more questions beg to be answered.

Did you know that Flynn had not been truthful when he denied having talked to the Russian envoy about easing sanctions imposed by the Obama administration for hacking the U.S. Presidential Elections in December 2016 — when Donald Trump was president-elect and had not been sworn into office?

You reportedly denied prior knowledge of this but your office had been warned by the Department of Justice about this 18 days ago.  Why did you lose “trust” in Flynn just now, after the Washington Post exposed the scandal? Had the Washington Post not broken the news, would it still be business as usual between you and Flynn despite your knowledge that Flynn had been dishonest in his disclosures about his talk with the Russian diplomat about sanctions?

What gave Flynn the boldness to talk with the Russian diplomat about Putin not having to worry about the sanctions? Was it coincidental that after the phone calls between Flynn and the Russian envoy, Putin did not fight back against the U.S. sanctions as he had always done so in the past, and then you tweeted gushing over Putin’s smartness for his response?

Would this Flynn scandal be related to the Russian hacking which could have undermined the integrity of the election? Would this be the reason why you had been such a big fan of Putin to the point of speaking against the United States just to defend him during your interview on Fox News? What hold does the former KGB official and now president of Russia have over you and your independence as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States?

These are just some of the questions that needed to be answered, Mr. President, because the national security of the U.S. is at stake here.

It is mind boggling how you now worry about “leaks” when you would praise WikiLeaks before you became president. Could it be that the leaks are coming from within your administration as a “cry for help” as many analysts say?

Democrats and some Republican senators are now calling for an investigation into this scandal.

The truth based on real facts would have to come out, Mr. President — NOT alternative facts. You owe that to the American people. Welcome to the real world. This ain’t a reality show that you can direct and write a script for high ratings.

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