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John Davis John spent nearly 30 years in television, both in front and behind the camera. He spent seven years at NBC television network as a Senior Field Producer, Feature Writer with NBC’s “Access Hollywood”. He was the Broadcast Producer for primetime NBC specials and was an occasional Field Producer for NBC’s “Dateline” episodes. John spent 5 years in New York as a host with FOX’s FX cable network. He also spent 9 years in Nashville as an entertainment reporter for TNN’s “Crook and Chase”. John is currently preparing to launch his own podcast.

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What is the US president missing?: One American’s point of view

Could our American President Donald J. Trump be missing something? I mean something real. Something physical. Something psychological. I believe he is. When after 12 days he finally acknowledged that we lost 4 precious souls in an ambush in Niger, … Continue reading

October 21, 2017

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