Series for Covered CA: Part 2

Different Health Plans PRESIDENT-elect Trump vowed to repeal at least parts of Affordable Care Act (ACA). Certain parts of that he will maintain, as he wants all … FULL STORY

December 3, 2016

Series for Covered CA: Part 1 – Introduction

OBAMACARE is normally used to mean Covered California (Covered CA) but they not the same thing. Obamacare is the law, the formal name of which is Patient Protection and … FULL STORY

November 5, 2016

Original Medicare and completing the Medicare puzzle

(Part 2 in series of seniors) THE Original Medicare has Part A and Part B. Part A covers inpatient services like hospitalization. Part B covers outpatient services. In … FULL STORY

October 8, 2016

Series for seniors: Part 15 ways to get health insurance

SENIORS who are 65 and older have 5 ways of getting health insurance. What are they? Employerbased insurance, Covered CA, outside of Covered CA (also known as Off … FULL STORY

September 24, 2016

Types of home policies and what do they cover

ASIDE from your cars, you also want your other properties to be protected. Properties can be personal properties or real properties. Personal properties are movable … FULL STORY

September 17, 2016
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