Philippine-American Society of Greater Dayton (PASGD)

THE “Phil-Am Society” was organized in 1973, and is now a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3).

Membership is open to all Filipino Citizens, Naturalized Filipinos, Americans of Filipino descent, Americans affiliated with Filipinos through marriages, other individuals who have a unique special interest towards enhancing Filipino-American relations in the community and its activities.

Included in the goals of the Society….to enhance the history and cultural heritage of the Filipino-American community through humanitarian, medical, and cultural programs; to promote the general welfare of the Filipino-American community in the Greater Dayton area. This website is intended to keep members and potential members updated on the programs and activities of the “Phil-Am Society.”

2011 Executive Officers

Romy Fernandez – President
Steve Holder – Vice President
Marian Sayson – Public Relation Officer
Sally Juan – Treasurer
Maritza Freshour – Recording Secretary
Lilia Fernandez – Social Secretary
Leeing Hayworth – Auditor
Vilma Helms – Historian

2011 Board of Advisors

Armin Sayson (Chairperson)
Jim Gonzalvo
Norma Knott
Gil Cruz
Bob Hale
Ron Connally
Roger Naguit
Borgie Cantillas
Leticia McCreary
Emma Zinkiewicz
Nilo Joson


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