Philippine American Chamber of Commerce – Washington, DC (PACC-DC)

BUILDING business alliances for a stronger community.

PACC-DC is a membership organization that promotes entrepreneurship in the Filipino American community. PACC-DC also contributes to business development initiatives and special events throughout Greater Metropolitan Washington.


The vision of PACC-DC is to strengthen Filipino American entrepreneurship and business development activities in the greater metropolitan Washington, DC area. The Chamber also envisions becoming a meaningful force in the growth and development of communities within the region.


The mission of PACC-DC is to develop programs and seminars that will have a positive impact on the business community; foster open and consistent communications; support and augment membership; and foster community outreach initiatives that benefit the entire region.


In 1992, participants at the Philippine Heritage Federation’s Annual Conference came together as business leaders, professionals and individuals interested in promoting Filipino American commerce. At the conference, they discussed their common concerns and interests. The caucus also learned about the importance of networking, information exchange, financing, business opportunities, contracting, and technical assistance in the success of any business enterprise.

Following the conference, a group of leaders called a series of meetings to discuss lessons learned. As it turns out, the conference had inspired them to find solutions to everyday business challenges, and obstacles unique to minority business enterprises. The pivotal event also motivated them to become more strategic about meeting their business needs. Eventually, these entrepreneurs formed a Chamber of Commerce in April 1993 as a platform to better address their collective business and entrepreneurial goals and objectives.

Today, over a decade following its inception, PACC-DC is changing the way entrepreneurs are doing business and contributing to their communities. PACC-DC is developing new and comprehensive programs and seminars that will positively affect business and foster community outreach initiatives that benefit the entire region.

Past Presidents

1993-1995: Roger Saplan (founding president)
1995-1997: Klaus Buntua
1997-1999: Celia P. Donahue
1999-2001: Peter P. Thieman
2001-2003: Carmen L. Stull
2003-2005: Carl Abella
2005-2007: Mitzi Pickard
2007-2009: Joe Fernandez

Mailing address: P.O. Box 1919, Germantown, MD 20875

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