Filipino American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES)

FILIPINO American Civic Employees of Seattle (FACES) is a nonprofit association of Filipino American Civic employees and their friends and supporters. FACES is inclusive and fosters collaboration among all backgrounds. Since it’s inception in 1990, this organization continues to provide intrinsic and extrinsic values in many levels. FACES have given voice to the voiceless and helped to bring courage to those who might have felt they had nowhere to turn. Furthermore, FACES works with the Filipino American community and other people of color to influence policies that affect our common causes. Many great things continue to happen behind the scene since its inception to support of its members and community effort.


Our mission is “To champion dignity, rights and privileges to all Filipino Americans.”


Continue and strengthen the Race & Social Justice efforts

Empower members at all levels

Strengthen network & connections

Increase visibility within the City and greater community

Help promote leadership and upward mobility for qualified candidates

Encourage mentorship, career navigation and succession planning

FACES membership is open to all diverse ethnic backgrounds.


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