‘Adventures in Ticoland: Where the Magic of Animals Never Ends’ — A story of imagination and innocence

‘Adventures in Ticoland: Where the Magic of Animals Never Ends’ — A story of imagination and innocence

AFTER his first book, “Half My Life:  The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child,” about the challenges a father is facing with a son diagnosed with autism and diabetes, author Joseph Lim is now equally proud to share his new book, “Adventures in Ticoland:  Where the Magic of Animals Never Ends.”

“It’s a children’s book based on a fictitious world and original animal characters created by my daughter, Ashley, when she was 7 years old,” said Joseph in an email interview with the Asian Journal.  “‘Tico’ is a nickname I gave her at age 4, and she named ‘Ticoland’ after herself.”

Explaining that Ticoland is a fairytale world of animals living their lives, learning lessons, and having fun; the book is also the realization that his daughter won’t be that innocent little girl forever.

“As I witnessed my daughter create several dozen animal characters, draw and color them, describe them, and even tell some stories about them, I was impressed by her creativity and wild imagination.

“Then it dawned on me, she’s going to grow up one day. She’s not always going to be a seven-year-old little girl. One day, she will lose some of that childhood innocence and carefree spirit that so defines her character. So I decided to ‘capture her imagination,’ so to speak, while she is still young. So that when she eventually grows up, she can see this book as a reminder of a really fun and innocent time in her life,” he said.

Even when he has successfully published two books, Joseph admits that his first book, “Half My Life,” has a different purpose than “Ticoland.”

He said, “With that first book, I wrote it for the purpose of bringing forth greater awareness and compassion towards the special needs community. So I’ve been busy spreading the word about it.  This second book, on the other hand, has a completely different purpose. It is simply a gift for my daughter – nothing fancy, just a simple gift. But if it does well also, that’s icing on the cake, because it has obvious sentimental value.”

Joseph also added he does feel that he is an accomplished author, but then again, for him, it’s not just checking the box and claiming a goal.

“Because there is so much more sentimental value in these books than I can ever really describe in a few short sentences. These books are for my beloved children, the first for my son, and the second for my youngest daughter,” he said.  “It’s not important for me to be an accomplished ‘author’ unless I am also an accomplished ‘father.’”

Joseph also wants to emphasize that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of “Ticoland” will be donated to selected charities such as the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House of Charities.

He also wants to invite everyone to his YouTube channel, “Autism and Diabetes Dad.”  His video blogs aim to impart his experiences and knowledge as a parent of a special needs child.

As an author, Joseph shared that he hopes to inspire other Filipinos — in the Philippines, the United States and all over the world — who are thinking of being a writer, to go for it.

“Everyone has a story to tell, challenges that they’ve overcome, and causes they want to support. Writing is a great way to share their message. For me personally, I know there are many Filipinos with special needs loved ones who I hope can relate to the experiences I share in my first book, and in my YouTube videos. Also, I hope all children will find the stories in “Ticoland” to be fun and entertaining, while learning valuable lessons at the same time,” he said.

“Adventures in Ticoland” is available on Amazon by clicking www.amazon.com/Adventures-Ticoland-Where-Magic-Animals/dp/1640289062.

To view Joseph Lim’s YouTube channel, “Autism and Diabetes Dad,” go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKvtY9nHibg&feature=youtu.be.

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